IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Free Express Shipping | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our IPL Hair Removal Handset has been designed to make laser affordable and easy. Our handsets utilise clinical grade technology that is safe and gentle on your skin. After just 3-4 sessions you’ll notice permanent results and all from the comfort of your own home.

Our handset comes with a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee with no hidden cost and requires no refills or replacements. That’s it a one-time purchase.

Affordable and permanent hair removal for smooth skin all the time

Quick Flashing Technology

It emits quick, intense pulses. Faster flashes mean faster treatment times.

Auto Flash Setting

It's super quick and easy, you'll start noticing permanent hair removal results in just four sessions!

Strength of the flashes

It uses a gentle but powerful clinical-grade technology that makes it completely safe to use even.

Free Express Shipping

Quick and efficient, Just like our handset.

No Refills Required

If, for whatever reason, you're not happy with the product, simply talk to our Customer Care Team and you'll get your money back.

300,000 Flashes

That's equal to 10 years of usage!


Selfie Skin AU


I've always wanted to try laser hair removal & am looking forward to saving time and money in the comfort of my own home! Did you know 2 billion non-recyclable, disposable razors are thrown away every year in the US. Think about that for a second... 2 billion.
Selfie Skin AU


Christmas has come early for Krandi, from @selfie.skin 💕
Selfie Skin AU


I’ve been using my @selfie.skin Home Hair Removal Kit for 4 weeks now (once a week for 4 weeks) and I’ve already noticed a reduction in hair growth! It’s effective, safe and perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have the time or money to get to a salon for hair removal! Selfie Skin is a hair removal brand from Australia and I was so excited to receive this and each time I’ve used it it’s been a dream! It causes little, to no pain and is small enough to store away once finished. I can’t wait to see the results once I’ve completed the recommended 12 weeks of use 😍👏🏼
Selfie Skin AU


thank you @selfie.skin I am loving my laser handset, my favourite part about it is the convenience of using it at home 😍 I’ve only used it on my legs so far but will keep you all posted on when I use it on my face... because uuuh, I can’t be competing with @theflowinsamoan and his beard 😂
Selfie Skin AU


So I’ve recently been using my @selfie.skin laser hair removal handset and I’m absolutely loving my smooth skin! It has been effective to all areas and is safe for you to use in the comfort of your own home. Since using it I have saved so much time and money
Selfie Skin AU


I have started using the @selfie.skin IPL Laser hair removal handset. 🌻 I love that I can use it at home and save time and money.
Selfie Skin AU


so excited for my Sunday night! Wine, face masks, hair treatments and laser from home with @selfie.skin 💆🏽‍♀️🍷💖 I am loving have this handset at home and I’ve even started using it on the boyfii 😉 works for men too! slide into my DM’s if you have any questions. Maybe I’ll do treatments from home, interested? haha ✨
Selfie Skin AU


Second product on the list of my journey to cutting down on beauty products & waste is... @selfie.skin! Less mass manufactured disposable razors = less waste! Super smooth skin and a reduced foot print is always a win-win ❤️
Selfie Skin AU


Getting silky smooth for summer over winter with my @selfie.skin handset! I personally love being able to do laser hair removal in the privacy of my own home 😍
Selfie Skin AU


Hey guys, I’ve recently started trialling IPL laser hair removal in the comfort of my home. I’ve discovered an amazing brand @selfie.skin it’s so easy to use and super convenient for me!
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