Our Top 3 Ways to Exfoliate

Monday, 28 Oct 2019 | Selfie Skin AU

Coming out of winter, the areas of our body that have been hibernating will inevitably get a look in when shorts, singlets and summer dresses are on high rotation. In preparation for shedding winter layers, prep the skin with an exfoliation which sloughs off any dry skin lingering. If you like to self-tan, giving the body a good scrub is also an advisable step beforehand to ensure an even spread. Here are our three ways to self-exfoliate. 

Dry Body Brushing 

Dry body brushing has many benefits including renewed skin. When you use a soft-medium bristled brush over your body before a shower, you scrub off any dead skin cells which naturally gets shed every 2-4 weeks. The act of scrubbing is similar to a massage, whereby you stimulate the lymphatic system which, circulates immune cells as well as eliminates waste. This action of brushing towards the heart is also said to stimulate the circulatory system, generating increased blood flow to the areas brushed. Body brushing is also beneficial for people who experience ingrown hairs, which helps to release stubborn hair follicles. 

DIY Scrub

Anyone can make their own body scrub, no need to spend too much money. Simply purchase a bag of ground coffee, brown or raw sugar, coconut oil and mix together. Prepare to get very messy. Once in the shower, wet or wash your body so the mixture has something to stick to and massage the mix into all areas of your body. Scrub your buttock, thighs and arms as these areas tend to accumulate small rough bumps known as Keratosis pilaris. Wash off with soap or prepare to smell like a latte all day long. 

Get Sandy 

For the super budget-friendly version and for those who are brave enough to swim sans wetsuit, the sand is an excellent exfoliator. Perhaps avoid the beaches with big waves so you can exfoliate without the threat of waves, but this is an easy to do, impromptu exfoliating option. 


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